About Zoomabug

Zoomabug offers complete technical development solutions ranging from software architecture consulting to web development and database design.

We implement state-of-the-art development methodologies focusing on the "ilities" of software (reliability, maintainability, testability, understandability, etc.)

We have years of experience performing complex software development and design across many domains.

Competitive hourly rate or fixed-price bids available. Please contact us at sales@zoomabug.com for details.

Recent Projects

  • Apple iSight Digital Camera (Firmware Development)

  • Motorola Next-Generation Noise Reduction Technology (Research and Development)

  • www.yourlocal20.com (Local Business Directory)

  • www.tipninja.com (Productivity Blog)

  • www.glenviewwatch.com (Local News and Politics Blog)

  • www.theaxelrods.com (Personal Website)

  • Service Highlights